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Holy Communion Service : 10:00 AM.

An Anglican worship service may be unfamiliar to you, but everything is either Scripture, prayer, or singing. The service begins with what is called the Liturgy of the Word, where we hear from four readings of Scripture about who God is, what He has done, and how we ought to live in relationship with Him. We then have the Liturgy of the Sacrament, where we take part in Christ's work on the cross, where we are fed and strengthened by Him to go back into the world. This format goes all the way back to the Early Church.


During the Service, Sunday School is offered for young children and Nursery services for infants.

All are invited for a coffee social after the Service.

Upon Request

Private Confession

While we have a general confession in our Sunday liturgy, it can be beneficial for some to confess their sins to a priest directly. It gives you the opportunity to search your soul with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and a priest and then hear that your sins have been forgiven.

Call Fr. Kyle to set up an appointment for private confession:






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